PTTM offers a wide selection of Quality V8 Performance engines & transmissions.


Whether your needs are a stroker engines, crate engines, performance engines, stock muscle car restoration engines, supercharged engines, or just a nice street rod engine you’ve come to the right place. PTTM has an all-around engine and transmission shop and we work on all main brands. We carry all the main parts in stock and we only work with the best possible quality and durability in mind. We can either use a used base block, but also build all new engines with steel or aluminum blocks like Dart, Merlin, Shelby and so on and also install new cranks and rod's from only the best suppliers. Check out just some of our engines in the below sales section. 

Not price. But quality comes first! if you want a solid and powerful V8 engine and/or a good performance transmission. 


On request, we test run the new or rebuild engine in our test center or have it dynode. From 250 to 2000 HP. Chevy, Ford, and Mopar. We also build or supply the correct transmissions for each of our engines and all our engines & transmissions are always fully blueprinted & inspected at our engine shop. 
  • Mopar
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Other makes
  • Recently sold
  • PTTM-rebuild 440 BB 4bbl engine
    € 10750
    PTTM- 500 cui BB "Streetfighter" series
    v.a € 16950
    PTTM- 500cui BB "Streetkiller" series
    v.a € 17950
    PTTM- 426-472-528 Hemi performance engines
    On request
    PTTM Rebuild 340 cui Performance V8
    € 12950,-
    PTTM- 426cui SB "Streetkiller" series
    € 14750,-* special offer !
  • PTTM 410cui SB "Street-torquer "
    € 12750,-
    PTTM-Boss 429-529-555 engines
    € On request
    PTTM 428 Big block FE-CJ-SJC engines
    v.a.€ 13750
    PTTM rebuild Ford 351 Cleveland
    € On request
    PTTM build Ford 302-351-428 strokers
    € On request
  • PTTM- 468 Chevy BB "Streetfighter" engine
    On request
    PTTM-454 Chevy Bigblock "Street series"
    € 9750,-
    PTTM- 383 Chevy SB "Streetfighter" V8
    € 10775,-
    PTTM-572cui Chevy "Streetkiller" engine
    17650,- *
    Chevy 396-427-454+ strokers
    € On request
    Pontiac 350-400-455 engines
    € On request
  • PTTM- 418 cui SB "STREET-FIGHTER "
    € 15250
    PTTM-Ford -BOSS 555 engine!
    € 21500,-
    PTTM-Ford 415cui Stroker Performance engine
    € 12750,-
    Chevy LS7 454 Bigblock 500HP !
    € 13750,-
    454 Big block completely turn key
    € RESERVED !
    PTTM-572cui Chevy "STREET-KILLER" engine
    PTTM-355 cui SB "STREET-SERIES" V8
    € 6995
    383 cui Stroked SB V8 & TH350 trans set !
    € 7950
    PTTM- rebuild 360 perf engine
    € 9750
    PTTM-Rebuild 318 4bbl engine
    € 3250
    PTTM- Used 318 4bbl engine
    € 1950
    PTTM 500cui "STREET-TORQUER" series
    PTTM-Mopar 440-Sixpack engine
    PTTM- 360cui smallblock Mopar
    PTTM- 500 cui BB "STREET-FIGHTER " series
    PTTM-Mopar 528 HEMI engine.
    PTTM- 426cui SB "STREET-KILLER" series
    Engine for Sale: 550 Ci Mopar 1300–2000 HP
    € 17500,-
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PTTM is an allround speedshop with more than 35 years of experience in classic cars and is specialized in American V8 cars. PTTM is a hobby based company that has evolved out of passion in muscle cars from back in the 70's.

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