PTTM Speedshop can help you with the transportation of your car- worldwide!


We mostly transport cars door to door within the EU with our own truck & trailers and driven by our own staff either fully enclosed or open on request. We can also assist with WORLDWIDE VIP car transportation through a selected group of partners. We can thereby also help you with a car you want to have transported from the USA to your front door or the other way around. PTTM only transports cars in the best possible and most safe way. 


PTTM's tips and advice about transporting your dream car


We transport cars within the European community by our own means with special VIP enclosed or open transportation, and worldwide with a selected group of partners. We can thereby also help you with a car you want to have transported from the USA to your front door or the other way around and we can take care of all the paperwork and insurances. Or when its exported to overseas countries we can assist by shipping your car by high quality enclosed container transports.  

But in all cases, we will take great care of your vehicle and it will be shipped fully insured with us, or we can assist with insurances when its shipped by third parties. We will also guard your car and its transportation very well. In case you want PTTM to transport your car we will never leave it unguarded, and our staff knows what it means to transport a classic car and how to get it undamaged from A to B. Please ask our staff for more information about our transport fee's and you will see they the are more than fair, but more important safe and sound.

So even if your car needs a check-up or service in our garage, or if you just want us to bring your car from your house to any other address in the world, we are there to help you and with the correct means to do so, safe, insured and secure!

Note: When you buy a classic car at our shop we will always advise you to have us ship your car (or come to pick it up with a trailer yourself) as sometimes the cars stood for a longer period of time and the car is new to you and nobody wants to be stranded in a strange country, or worse, get in trouble because of the weather (rain, snow) or in an accident with a car they have just purchased right? Trust us, we know whats best for you and your car!

So please follow our advice and have your newly purchased car transported to your home safe and sound on a trailer or with a special truck and than you can drive and learn all about your new classic car safe in your own home area, where you know the roads and know how the weather will be ahead of things. And in case of a tech issue your close to home were your friends of the family or your local garage can help out. It is not that our cars are not good to be driven home, but there still 45+-year-old classics and not a new dealer delivered factory car. Don't save on these costs but calculate it in your budget or plans. 



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PTTM is an allround speedshop with more than 35 years of experience in classic cars and is specialized in American V8 cars. PTTM is a hobby based company that has evolved out of passion in muscle cars from back in the 70's.

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